From wikipedia. Looks like the Enterprise!

3 main construction phases:

  • 3000 years ago, neolithic. 56 pitches arranged in a circle, and first stones, including the Heelstone.
  • 2800 years ago. No longer visible evidence. Some timber structure.
  • 2100 – 1500 years ago. Erection of most standing stones, including Horseshoes and Bluestones, carried from maybe 380 km away.


Stonehenge may be a temple, a healing place, or an ancient observatory of the sky. The culture who made it didn’t leave any written document, so we simply don’t know.

The orientation of Stonehenge might have allowed prediction of eclipses, solstices, equinox, and other celestial events.


Situation on Summer Solstice. Sun is aligned with Heelstone and Altarstone. Source

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