Can I use pictures from Quantum Red Pill for my blog, lectures, wallpaper, whatever?

You can give any use that you’d like to the pictures of my blog, and these aren’t under any license. But please, if you do so, always provide a link to this blog. Also, note that some pictures are not mine (look for captions in the pictures, where sources are specified for each case), and if you want to use them you should ask for permission to the real author.

When will I post again? How often do I post?

I do not follow a regular posting schedule. On the contrary, I rather post a lot of stuff in a rush, and then I do not post anything for a while. This is due to my working philosophy. I prefer to focus on a specific thing and work on in intensively, rather than doing it every now and then. In between these intensive posting periods, I need to rest. During rest times (which may span weeks or months) I take the chance to focus on other activities.


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